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What We’re Doing

Locavorest has partnered with over 25 local food producers within 75kms of Peterborough to offer their products online.  We’ve handpicked the best producers of veggies, meat, bread, cheese, honey, maple syrup & more. We’re excited to be launching a new and innovative way for you to connect with our region’s incredible wealth of producers.

Why We Care

We see the value in hand-crafted, sustainable food production, and taste the difference!  What’s more, buying local means supporting families in our community and in turn, making it stronger and more resilient. We care about our community and want to see it flourish. We’re committed to improving the local food economy and we believe that begins with access. We have an immense amount of local food produced throughout our region and believe it will grow, should we demand it. The local food movement isn’t a pipe dream. It’s here and we’re excited to play a role in supporting its growth.

We want our families to eat delicious, healthy, fresh foods. The less distance that our food travels, the better it tastes, the more nutrients it retains, the more we know about it. We see great importance in knowing who produces and grows our food and how they do so. The closer we are situated to where our food comes from, the easier it is to connect with.

How we do it

Our market is updated on a weekly basis with fresh, new product selections from our Producer Community. Customers place their order at at any time, Locavorest notifies the producers of customer’s orders, and all products are harvested, baked or prepared for Friday pick up. Locavorest picks up all orders from producers on Friday mornings and delivers on Friday afternoons. With Locavorest staff providing marketing support, co-ordination and a delivery service, our small producers can focus on providing a high-quality, delicious product for our consumers and (eventually) expand their operations, strengthening our local food system.

Who We Are

We are the only, 100 % locally focused & locally owned online farmers market. We’re proud Peterborough-ians, active community members and delighted to work together to bring you the best taste the region has to offer, whilst supporting local family farms and businesses. Thank you for supporting local producers and our vision of a stronger, more resilient local food system.



Our Team

Megan Boyles (Chief Creative Officer)
Megan Boyles (Co-founder & Chief Creative Officer)

With deep roots in the Peterborough area and a passion for local food, she is excited for the opportunity to help connect our community with its local producers. Megan is interested in connecting more with her local community and believes food is one of the greatest ways to do so. She is keen to grow, cook, process, preserve, and, of course, taste! After several years of experience in supporting non profits, both in Canada and abroad, Megan is pleased to bring her partnership development and marketing experience to the Locavorest team.

Vinay Viswanathan (Chief Technology Officer)
Vinay Viswanathan (Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer)

Vinay’s mantra about food is keep it simple, good and tasty! He enjoys cooking food with fresh and tasty, locally grown products. He believes that fruits and vegetables begin to lose nutrients as soon as they are picked. Hence, buying local cuts down travel time from farm to table and the money spent locally stays local. But unfortunately, it has always been a struggle to access local food. With a background in engineering, and a true locavore, he believes that leveraging technology is the key to make local food more accessible!

Mark Kirton (Chief Operating Officer)
Mark Kirton (Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer)

Mark is a self-defined curious foodie; curious in how to prepare, what to eat and where the food comes from.  He believes that food is one of the luxuries of life, that all foods should be enjoyed but local food should be sought after as much as possible.  That the food industry is ripe for disruption and the internet is the right tool not unlike countless other technological movements that are improving our quality of life every day.  Born in Calgary, Alberta educated in New Brunswick and now living in Peterborough, Ontario he knows that Locavorest is heading in the right direction towards local food security and healthy communities and he’s proud to be part of the team.


Jodi Zellas (Marketing Specialist)

Jodi is our new intern in her third year of business at Trent University. She is excited to bring some of her new marketing skills and knowledge from her classes to the Locavorest team. Jodi has a passion to make our food system directed towards more locally sourced food. She believes that local food is healthier, fresher and better for the environment.

Fox Jones (Internet Marketing Consultant & Community Events Co-ordinator)

Fox Jones of foxpress, joins the team as a part-time volunteer in December 2017. With over 20-years experience in web design, eCommerce, online marketing and social media, Fox is on-board to help develop the Locavorest brand. Born and raised in “small town ontario”, he’s still no stranger to big business. Having worked with the best and brightest minds from Fortune 500 tech companies, these days he prefers to share his experience with smaller start-ups and local business entrepreneurs.

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