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Producer of the Week: Kyoto Coffee

Producer of the Week: Kyoto Coffee

It doesn’t get any fresher than this! Tracy & her team at Kyoto Coffee are roasting several days a week! That means we’re picking up bags of coffee so fresh its still warm! Yum.

Offering a fresh product isn’t all Kyoto is known for; their company focus is on providing organic, planet-friendly coffee. That’s why they’re sourcing their beans from companies who import a selection of organic & ethical coffee from the finest growing regions of the world.

So what does that mean? Sustainably-grown and harvested products are produced without the use of chemicals and, in many cases, by using the rainforest to help grow the coffee instead of tearing it down. This benefits the earth and rainforest ecosystem. The farmer also benefits, as they are paid more for that ‘planet-friendly’ bean.  And what’s more? You also benefit; you have great tasting, fresh coffee with no chemicals. Your children win, because every step toward a green future preserves their future.

Life’s too short for bad coffee, but definitely long enough for good karma!

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