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Producer of the Week – Shealand Farm

Adam and Marie Shea, of Shealand Farms have been involved in the farming community their entire lives.

Adam, Marie, Madeline & Bridget

The couple met through various Junior Farmers events, are raising their daughters Madeline and Bridget (with another on the way!) near Adam’s parents farm, just west of Peterborough in Bethany.

Marie and Adam now farm sheep with Adam’s parents, maintaining a flock of mostly Dorset influence, with many that are crossed many various breeds, giving the flock a different look to it. The Dorset sheep make great mothers, are fairly tough, and good natured. Of the last few years, they grown their flock from 10 to over 150 sheep.

Check out our short interview with Marie from this summer.

Find their naturally raised lamb products here. You’re in luck – Shealand’s offering 10% off their Lamb Sausage (our favourite!) until December 24th.

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