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  • Chickabiddy Acres

    Chickabiddy Acres (4)

    Chick-a-biddy Acres operates on a 72 acre farm near Peterborough, in the beautiful Trent Hills. It is surrounded by lush pastures, dairy farms, woods and many rivers. The area is largely free of big scale mono-crop farming which ensures clean and relatively pesticide free surroundings. Although we are not yet certified organic, we never use herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilizers on our land. Rich compost, crop rotation, tilling and good management are the tools that we use to maintain the soil and grow healthy, natural food.
  • Crosswind Farm

    Crosswind Farm (6)

    Crosswind Farm is building on a long family tradition of farming, buoyed by years of practical experience in the dairy industry (Kevin) and years of operations and marketing experience (Cindy), it was a natural choice to start their own family farm operation (est 2006); a dairy goat farm just 15 minutes east of Peterborough, in Keene, Ontario. Find their products in our Dairy & Eggs Section.
  • Dan Ledandan Foods

    Dan Ledandan Foods (4)

    Dan is a caterer and farmer that uses local seasonal foods from the region to educate future chefs, new farmers and develop further food sovereignty in the community. Dan operates booths at the Peterborough farmers’ markets making organic, raw, fair trade chocolate, as well as unique herbal tea combinations and organic fair trade coffee products. Find his products in our Baked Goods & Chocolate category.
  • Electric Juice Factory

    Electric Juice Factory (11)

    Our philosophy is to offer high quality, nourishing, and delightful food and drink with a strong focus on plant ingredients. We are a vegetarian establishment with plenty of vegan offerings. We are hoping to spread the practice of wellness and healing through improved diet and increased use of beneficial plants. And while healing and nourishing our own bodies, we also honour methods and philosophies that contribute to a more sustainable, healthy environment and planet.
  • Empire Cheese

    Empire Cheese (18)

    The Empire Cheese Co-op, located in Campbellford, is the only cheese manufacturing plant operating in Northumberland County and the first one east of Toronto! At Empire, our cheese is made in the traditional way in open-style vats which in our opinion gives the cheese and curd a better flavour. We use no additives to boost production and there are no flavours added to our Cheddar. It is all natual, with no preservatives added. Find their products in our Dairy & Eggs category.
  • Entomo Farms

    Entomo Farms (12)

    Entomo Farms Cricket Farms and processing facilities are located between Norwood and Peterborough. This family-run business is a global leader in the cultivation of cricket flour, cricket powder and insect protein; delivering the planet's most sustainable food source. Find their products in our Protein Powder and Alternative Protein Sources categories.
  • Pork Rashers aka. British cut Bacon

    Featherstone Farm (11)

    Featherstone Farm, est. 2009 by Andrew and Michelle Macdonald was a dream to create a living, working farm that would nourish their family and the natural environment for years to come. 8 seasons and 3 locations later, they are now in Kawartha Lakes, their ’forever’ farm, where they can really start to put in roots and make that dream flourish. All of their animals are loved and drug- and GMO- free, and handled to processing in the most caring ways they can manage. Find their products in our Bison, Lamb, Beef and Pork and Poultry sections.
  • Harley Farms

    Harley Farms (9)

    High Welfare Humane, No GMO, Organic Principled farm located in Keene, Ontario. At Harley Farms, their goal is to produce livestock and crops in a way that aligns with the surrounding natural environment and with a special focus on animal and bird welfare. As a result, customers can have confidence that Harley Farms products are fully traceable and come from livestock which are humanely and sustainably raised. Find their products in our Beef, Lamb, Pork and Bison category
  • Healey Falls Bison Farms

    Healey Falls Bison Farms (3)

    Healey Falls is a small family owned bison farm in Campbellford. Their bison are grass fed which takes longer to produce but the quality in the meat speaks for itself. They choose to raise bison for several reasons: it is a sweeter and richer taste than beef but it is better for you because of the low fat, cholesterol and it is high in omega fats and iron. They believe it to be perfect for someone on a restricted diet or who just wants to eat healthier. Bison is a dense meat so you can reduce your portions to feel satisfied. They recommend cooking bison slowly, at a low heat; no more than medium heat on a BBQ or stove top and 275 degrees in an oven." Find their products in our Beef, Bison, Lamb and Pork Section.
  • Kyoto Coffee

    Kyoto Coffee (7)

    Kyoto Coffee offers local & ethical organic coffee from their roastery on Lakefield Rd. Find their products in our Coffee Section.
  • Lanes End

    Lanes End (1)

    At Lanesend Farm & Fiber, Lynn and Bob have worked on perfecting animal husbandry for the past 43 years and now have a practical and effective system for maintaining optimum health while producing as natural a product as possible. They raise several varieties of ducks for both meat and eggs. Find their Products in our Poultry and Dairy and Eggs Sections
  • Lunar Rhythm Gardens

    Lunar Rhythm Gardens (25)

    Lunar Rhythm Gardens is your local Community Supported and Community Shared Agriculture (CSA) Farm, certified organic! Located just West of Peterborough, near Janetville, Lunar Rhythms grows a wide variety of veggies. Find their products in our Fruits and Vegetables section.
  • Otonabee Apiary

    Otonabee Apiary (6)

    Astrid Manske and Dave Moffatt proudly run Otonabee Apiary. “Our honey is exactly as the BEES make it, not pasteurized or processed in any way,” Astrid proudly describes her 600 hive apiary. Dave started the operation with a few hives, but has developed into a largescale operation, with a home base located just East of Peterborough near Indian River. Find their products in our Natural Sweeteners section.
  • Puddleduck Farm

    Puddleduck Farm (2)

    Puddleduck Farm is located just west of Millbrook, where they grow multiple varieties of vegetables, raise beef, chicken and free-range laying hens. They also produce maple syrup every spring from a sugarbush that they rent just south of Millbrook. They grow all of their produce without the use of herbicides, pesticides, fungicides and chemical fertilizers. They strive every year to continue creating and improving sustainability within the farm! Find their products in our Natural Sweeteners and Poultry sections.
  • Purity Hemp

    Purity Hemp (3)

    Purity Hemp Products Inc. is based in Peterborough, Ontario and has setup the largest provincial hemp processing facility. We offer naturally grown hulled hemp seeds and cold pressed oil. Our commitment to purity and quality hemp provides you with the freshest products at competitive prices.
  • Roaming Valley Farms

    Roaming Valley Farms (2)

    Family owned and operated, certified organic dairy farm featuring pasture raised beef, pork, chicken, turkey and Eggs. Located in beautiful Trent Hills, just south-east of Peterborough near Warkworth. Find their products in our Beef, Bison, Pork and Lamb and Poultry sections.
  • Shealand Farms

    Shealand Farms (6)

    The Sheas of Shealand Farms are young, passionate, and energetic farmers. They love the lifestyle, atmosphere, raising a family on the farm, and caring for the animals. Adam and Marie both grew up on farms with their parents. Adam, from a hog, cash crop, and cow-calf beef background. Marie’s parents mainly raise sheep, but also raise cattle, chicken, pigs, and other livestock from time to time. Find their products in the Beef, Bison, Lamb and Pork section.
  • Sticklings Bakery

    Sticklings Bakery (20)

    Delicious and healthy baked goods located in Peterborough, Ontario including local, vegan, organic and gluten free bread, bagels and muffins.
  • Sugarvalley Farm & Maple Products

    Sugarvalley Farm & Maple Products (5)

    Sugarvalley farm is located in the beautiful rolling hills of Otonabee Township. Owned by Joe and Brenda Steed, the couple strives to bring their customers the best products they can provide. Every year, around spring time, the Steed family works with mother nature to create liquid gold aka delicious maple syrup. The Steed family has been producing quality maple syrup since 1968, and they hope to continue to share their high quality product with the local community. The Steed family also takes pride in their naturally produced beef products which are raised on the farm –  they basically raise the beef from field to fork. The Steed family takes pride in their products and hopes that you will too!
  • That Dam Tea

    That Dam Tea (1)

    Made right here in Peterborough, That Dam Tea is the first ever Anti-Anxiety drink. Dam isn’t just a cheeky marketing line either, it stands for “Damiana” the medicinally active component of That Dam Tea that’s been used for thousands of years to alleviate stress/anxiety and improve libido. It’s made with all natural ingredients, and even though we keep calories low, it tastes pretty damn good too. Enjoy!
  • The Spice Co.

    The Spice Co. (12)

    The Spice Co is a producer of handcrafted original spices. Brian Henry, the owner and chef, was inspired to create his own line of spices starting as a child by the mysteries of spice trade and later by traveling to less developed countries. After years of testing different combinations, Brian is able to roast, smoke, and mix small amounts of ingredients to make fresh batches of spices with optimal flavor. The spices are made without fillers, additives, dyes, fragrance enhancers, MSG or anti-caking agents. Many spices help contribute micro-nutrients to our diets, their naturally occurring antioxidants promote nutrition and the absorption of other nutrients from our food. Brian’s packaging also ensures that the spices are protected from harmful environmental effects caused by UV rays and oxidization. Become a better and more flavorful cook with Brian’s line of spices.
  • Vegan Sweet Home

    Vegan Sweet Home (8)

    "My family and I moved back to Peterborough and at the same time I became a vegan. As an avid baker I noticed a lack of available high quality baked goods for vegans in the Peterborough area and decided to do something about it by creating my own recipes. After a great deal of experimentation and testing I launched with the support and suggestion of my friends and family Vegan Sweet Home. My recipes aim to be delicious, healthy, and indulgent and I hope that you enjoy them as much as my family and current customers do! Please feel free to look for me on Twitter and to make requests for new items and don't be afraid to try everything we have!"
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