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Butter (whey)


Whey butter made by Stirling Creamery using Empire Cheddar Whey. All natural, no preservatives added.


Whey Butter is a by-product of cheese making. It is produced when cream is separated out from the whey that is produced during the cheese making process. Unlike ordinary butter which is produced using fresh milk, the butterfat within whey butter undergoes the initial processes of cheese making. Whey butter has a firm texture and in comparison to fresh butter types is oilier and less shiny. Whey butter varies in colour depending on the type of cheese being produced. Taste qualities include that which is luxurious, slightly cheesy and acidic, ‘nutty’, sweet and can be salty if salt is added. Considered healthier than other types of butter due to having a lower fat content, whey butter is also versatile in the kitchen and can be used for cooking, baking or even simply as a topping.


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