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Juice Diet Plan: LEAN GREEN


Organic, raw, cold-pressed juice blends. A “one-day” package includes 5 bottles of fresh raw juice and one bottle of E3 live, one complete day of servings for the juice diet. Juices are small-batch and made-to-order locally. Choose from a one-, two-, or three-day juice diet plan.



5 bottles of fresh raw juice (3 of which will be green blends) and 1 morning booster shot of E3 Live, a blue-green algae supplement. Each day, you will drink 5 bottles (500 ml each) of fresh, raw, nutritious, cold-pressed juice (3 of which are "green" blends with relatively low sugar content) and 1 booster shot of E3 Live, a flash-frozen liquid supplement that is one of nature's greatest superfoods, containing important amino acids not commonly found in plant products. E3 Live is a remarkably rich vegan supplement created from a freshwater blue-green algae source. Take your E3 Live shot in the morning on an empty stomach, and enjoy your five juices throughout the day.

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Juice diet plan

One-day, Two-days, Three-days


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